I got a little obsessed with Garfield for a minute.
I'm better now, thanks for asking, but in early 2015 I set forth on a mission to draw a new Garfield every day.  It didn't have to LOOK like Garfield, but it had to evoke Garfield...the goal being to see how far afield I could take a design while still having it be recognizable as "a Garfield" by using his color scheme and core elements.
50 days later, I had exhausted everyone on social media and came away with this gallery of monstrosities.  The project gave me the opportunity to try out a bunch of different styles, learn a begin-to-end workflow on the iPad Pro & Procreate, and forced me to draw every day.
After the first two, you'll notice I made a slight shift in orange that I THINK HELPED IMMENSELY.

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