Sticker Packs
I got really into making iMessage sticker packs for awhile, until I realized the iMessage App Store was kind of a graveyard and there was no point in paying for a developer account to support this bit. BUT I still treasure the illustrations that came out of this, and I continue to annoy my wife with these reaction stickers instead of actual replies.​​​​​​
Bleak Fruit
Everything you thought you knew about fruit was a LIE.
Okay, that's not true, but these particular Fruits tend to have a similarly bleak perspective on life. I started doodling some anti-inspirational fruit, and it blossomed into a whole sticker series that you can download right now on the (no pun intended) Apple App Store.
Fat Cats
Since most people knew me for my Garfield art, my first sticker pack was appropriately a thinly-veiled set of Garfield knockoff stickers I called the Fat Cats. ​​​​​​​
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