A few years ago, I co-created a thing with even more narrow appeal than the stuff I normally make.  Myself and my co-creator Stephen Winchell thought it'd be fun to write a prequel to "Frasier" that told a hardboiled detective story set in the 1950's...and finally showed how Frasier's dad, Marty, met his mom, Hester. 
See, "Frasier" had casually established that Marty and Hester met over a dead body (Marty was a cop, Hester was a behavioral psychologist), but we were never told much beyond that.  So we ran with that detail, and every other piece of established Frasier continuity we could procure, and wrote a radio play that lives alongside the famous sitcom, without requiring any knowledge of it.
You can stream it for free below or on iTunes!
I  also created some original cover art for the episode!
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