I embarked upon a mission to mashup all 151 original Pokemon with m'boy Garfield, because I'm a terrible person who does bad things.  I posted one a day and it took forever, but people seemed to enjoy it along the way and wrote some very kind things.  
Then, a year later, I decided to do the same for Gen 2, adding another 100 Garfemon to this already horrendous Garfedex.
THEN, in 2019, I made an even WEIRDER choice and decided to do a limited run generation of entirely original Garfemon (i.e. not mashed up with Pokemon, just pure, Garfield-inspired monsters).  I called it Generation S.
There's a few Garfemon below, but you can check out ALL of them on the Garfemon Tumblr (I find they're best enjoyed when you can read the Garfedex entries that go with them).
I'd also recommend you follow my Instagram, cause that's where I'll be posting new ones first, when they happen.

006 - GARFIZARD - Known to cause forest fires VERY intentionally. It takes video of itself starting forest fires to watch as it DRINKS ALONE.

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