Alright, so...this is stupid.
A few years ago, as a "thing to do when I was bored," I would look up domain names on to see if they were real.
Things like:
Real high brow stuff, you see.
Then one time, I searched for was surprised to find that the domain was taken. was SORT of taken, because there was nothing on the site when you went there, just one of those "this domain is parked" notifications.
So I looked up the WhoIs record, found the email of the guy that owned it, and sent him an impassioned plea (using a fake name, of course):
This very nice man named Alon was willing to just let some stupid idiot squat on his domain. And I, the aforementioned stupid idiot, didn't anticipate this result, so I had to put something together super quick to take advantage of this wild opportunity.
Soon, was live. And it was...whoo, it was something.
This poor, unseen webpage survived for a good two years before I assume Alon finally stopped paying for the domain. I applaud Alon for finally giving up on, it was a wise financial move on his part...but it was fun while it lasted.
Oh, also, if you go to nowadays, it just forwards you to the website of a food truck in Switzerland called "Panini & More." 
I only pray they survive until the year 2060 to save us from the coming apocalypse.

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