Way back in 2008, I moved from Kansas City to Chicago specifically to "do comedy." After a few years making the rounds between Second City, iO, and the gaggle of now-defunct storefront theaters, I started to drift away from the scene and turn my attention to other things, like drawing, starting a family, etc.
A few months ago, after more than a decade, I got an itch again. But like...I wasn't going to go and put up a sketch show with a full cast of busy actors in an expensive theatre for an audience of five again (as fun as that was back in the day). 
Nope, I decided to just do it all myself...I wrote a bunch of sketches, set up a recording studio in my closet, and went to town voicing and producing a full-length sketch album that represents the best (worst? most current?) of what I have to offer.
You can listen for free on Bandcamp (embedded below) or Soundcloud.
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