In 2014, myself and my good friend Alex Nichols were talking and realized it had been far too long since a new Austin Powers movie was made.  And because we're good, proactive people, we decided not to wait for Hollywood to get around to it, but rather to write it for ourselves.
Except, y'know, we're instead of ACTUALLY writing it ourselves, we figured we could crowdsource it.  And thus the Secret Sequel Society was born. 
The project was sort of an exquisite corpse exercise.  We solicited writers anonymously, and gave them a set of rules:
1. You can only read the page before yours.
2. You only get to write a single page.
3. You have to nominate someone to write the next page.
You can read more about the methodology here, but the result was a surprisingly coherent 60-page screenplay that deals with time travel, space exploration, horniness, the ebola crisis and so much more.  Basketball superstar Jeremy Lin is a prominent sidekick.  It's weird.  You can read the whole thing below.
We're knee deep in our next sequel, Sex and the City 3, and it promises to be the reality-bending follow-up that series deserves!
P.S. I also did the cover art for this bad boy, and it was a nightmare, but a fun nightmare, not unlike the project itself.  
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